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Cultivating Wildly Peaceful Communities

Seeking to change your story?

I’m here to help you find your way.


Take a breath.

Leading your organization through changes?

Planning to engage people with many different opinions?

Needing to find solutions for complex challenges?

Are you feeling slightly unequipped for the challenges ahead of you? Or simply looking for a partner to walk with you through the fire?

It’s finally time. To get some relief and receive the support you need.

I’m here to help you find your way.

I specialize in sensitive issues and see conflict as an opening to co-create a powerful path forward.

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I love hearing from people and offer a 1h consultation. You can either pick a time for a call, leave me a voice message or email me. I’ll get back to you within a day.

Simone Torrey
San Francisco, CA
(415) 758-0787 (voice mail)


What will you gain from a new perspective?


My approach

Your organization is a complex organism with many living, breathing parts – and my holistic guidance and support is here to help things flow into place.

Working with me is a bespoke experience, as I tailor my approach to your unique team and needs.

There is no one “10 Step Formula” for success within a complex human system, so we slow down to speed up, to observe and listen.

When you’re deep in the mud of any challenge or transition, it’s difficult to see out to the other side. This is why it’s so vital to have a guide and vision-holder to gain new perspectives and awareness on the blind spots that are keeping you stuck.

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 Your impact depends on your collective transformation.

Your transformation requires taking risks.

I’m here to gently, yet fiercely, guide you to the other side.



Any kind of major change, whether personal or organizational starts from within – which is exactly where I place my focus and support.

Combining head, heart and hands, I help you navigate the practical and emotional aspects of change and challenges, offering effective relational tools and conflict transformation strategies.

Together we translate insights into the concrete processes, policies, practices and structures you need to move forward as a powerful and effective organization.

Yes, this may be some of the most confronting

work you have ever done.

And no, there’s no way around it.


Our Journey


I go with you on an emergent journey through your transformational process. We will explore, integrate and iterate to discover what specifically works best for you and your people, organization and wider community.

There simply isn’t a straight process to creating and embodying solutions for complex challenges. We need to work with the individual and collective dimensions, dive into the internal dimensions to transform your external elements.

I see this process as a deep dive into the underworld and out to the edges of your organization, community or relational field, the places you haven’t yet gone, to bring up what needs to be seen into the light.

More than anything, I empower you to create solutions from the inside-out, so you continue cultivating what we planted together long after my work is through.





Are disagreements creating harsh waves in your organization or community?


Mediation is a powerful tool to help conflicting parties make decisions and create resolving solutions together. Conflict mediation gives a voice to every party in a dispute and identifies blockages in the communication flow, so you can find the way forward towards your own solutions.

I bring a well-versed mediation toolkit, and will adapt my approach to your unique situation after conducting an intake evaluation for the conflict at hand.

Generally, I will first work 1-1 with your team and then in small groups to move through the conflict mediation process. I also specialize in building capacity in your team so you can better approach conflicts in the future.

Culture development

Experiencing a disturbance or conflict rooted in your organizational culture?


If we think of your organization as a tree, your organizational culture is the root system of every result you’ll see through your work. When your internal foundation and root system is strong, you thrive as a vibrant organism bearing
ripe fruits on strong branches.

I help you gain awareness of your current culture, get clear on the culture you wish to create, and develop the principles, processes, and practices that will get you there.

This process entails more than just a new policy or anti-bias training – it’s a holistic intake of your current structures and practices, and a conscious shift into a new way of being and relating.


Integral facilitation

Seeking to engage Many People with diverse perspectives in solving a complex challenge?


Integral facilitation engages diverse, often opposing views in the creative dialogue necessary to find sustainable solutions for complex issues. I work with your team to integrate the various perspectives and build holistic solutions.

Through a custom designed process, which may include one-on-one, small and large group conversations, we explore, integrate, and embody the inner and outer dimensions of what’s happening in your organization or community. By looking at how both individuals and the collective contribute to your current results and identifying key areas for development we can redirect your course.

This integral framework allows us to facilitate (not mediate!) structural transformation.

Alchemical Leadership

Looking to spark a new kind of leadership in your organization or Community?


As alchemical leaders, we experience life as a web of interdependent relationships. My work in this realm helps you create an empowering leadership model which fuses healthy hierarchy and participation.

In alchemical leadership, potential is everywhere and the present moment is fertile with possibility. We stay open-hearted in the face of adversity, rather than stepping back into fear and polarity. We lean into challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth.

I create the conditions for you and the people in your organization to become reliable agents of creative change, able to handle greater complexity. This work creates synergy and sparks clarity, inclusivity and contribution.




A world where people live and work in synergy with nature and each other.


To help people and organizations remove the barriers to celebrating diversity, deep presence, listening and speaking truth.

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As a certified conflict mediator and integral facilitator, my calling is to support organizations and communities find their way through the fog of complex transitions and conflicts, like sexual harassment/assault incidents and founder transitions. Through deep listening, understanding and opening to new perspectives, I help my clients forward on their path with a clear mind and an open heart.

So what has brought me onto this path of supporting such deep and vulnerable work?

My fierce passion and motivation to develop cultures that break cycles of conflict and violence is deeply rooted in my early life experiences.

Having suffered sexual abuse as a young child, I carried repressed trauma and shame unconsciously in my body for years. After many years of conscious healing work I broke through this trauma – moving from a state of victim to creator of my own life. This shift in perspective helped me unearth the gifts in my wound, and my calling to help others transform conflict into powerful, peaceful solutions and ways of relating.

My passion is developing cultures where people, no matter what ethnic or socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, age or belief, feel empowered and creative.

I truly believe that change is possible no matter what current struggle you face, and that deep, open-hearted listening is the start to transform a culture.

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Simone Torrey is a certified conflict mediator and integral facilitator who supports organizations and communities through complex transitions.

She holds an MA in Leadership with concentration Peace Building and Conflict Transformation from Saint Mary’s College of California and an MA in International Communication from the International University of Perugia in Italy.

Simone’s facilitation is strongly influenced by her broad worldview, acquired through 15 years living and working in multicultural contexts in many different countries all over the world.

Born in Germany, she completed undergraduate and first graduate studies in Italy, worked for seven years in Belgium with various international organizations and started one of the first collaborative work and meeting spaces focused on social innovation (now called Impact Hub).

In 2011, she moved from the UK to Egypt to work with various social innovators and facilitate dialogue spaces around the country.

Simone has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2013, where she loves being part of the Burning Man community of cultural creatives and makers.

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Recent Clients





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I love hearing from people and offer a free 1h consultation. You can either pick a time for a call, leave me a voice message or email me. I’ll get back to you within a day.