#metoo Needs Space for Individual and Collective Healing

… the response to scapegoat and punish perpetrators, without looking at the cultural enablers doesn’t seem complete. What is possible beyond the “punishment & press release response”? How could an integral approach to the sexual harassment problems in organizations and communities look like? I see a strong need for healing and transformation to be addressed on a collective, not just individual level.

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On Integral Facilitation Practice

In 2014 I faced a situation where two people had an intense conflict during a gathering I was facilitating and I felt terribly unequipped how to handle the conflict. It was a classical example of a multi-dimensional conflict involving institutional and economic power vs grass roots, gender and racial dynamics. …

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Simone Torrey
Mediation Styles

During my Mediation Certificate studies I came across four basic styles or models of mediation: evaluative, facilitative, narrative and transformative, each of which have a different orientation towards the conflict.

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