My approach

Your organization is a complex organism with many living, breathing parts – and my holistic guidance and support is here to help everything flow into place.

Working with me is a bespoke experience, as I tailor my approach to your unique team and needs. There is no one “10 Step Formula” for success within a complex human system, so we slow down to come back to cohesion as gently and organically as possible.

Organizational growth and change happens with the people – and this is where I place my focus and support. Not just at the top, but fully integrated as the whole that you are.

Combining head, heart and hands, I help you navigate the practical and emotional aspects of change and challenges, while equipping you with practical relational tools and conflict transformation strategies.

Together we translate these insights into the concrete processes, policies, practices and structures you need to move forward as a powerful and effective organization.

Yes, this may be some of the most confronting work you have ever done.

And no, there’s no way around it.


Your impact depends on your collective transformation.

Your transformation requires taking risks.

I’m here to gently, yet fiercely, guide you to the other side.