About me

My story…

As a certified conflict mediator and integral facilitator, my calling is to support organizations and communities find their way through the fog of complex transitions and conflicts, like sexual harassment/assault incidents and founder transitions. Through deep listening, understanding and opening to new perspectives, I help my clients forward on their path with a clear mind and an open heart.

So what has brought me onto this path of supporting such deep and vulnerable work?

My fierce passion and motivation to develop cultures that break cycles of conflict and violence is deeply rooted in my early life experiences.

Having suffered sexual abuse as a young child, I carried repressed trauma and shame in my body for years. It wasn’t until adulthood, after many years of conscious healing work, that I broke through this trauma – moving from a state of victim to creator of my own life. This shift in perspective helped me unearth the gifts in my wound, and my calling to help others transform conflict into powerful, peaceful solutions and ways of relating.

My passion is developing cultures where people, no matter what ethnic or socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, age or belief, feel included and have a voice.

I truly believe that change is possible no matter what current struggle you face, and that deep, open-hearted listening is the start to transform a culture.

My Vision

A world where people live and work in synergy with nature and each other.

My Mission

To help people and organizations remove the barriers to celebrating diversity, deep presence, listening and speaking truth.