Conflict mediation

Are disagreements creating harsh waves in your organization or community?

Mediation is a powerful tool to help conflicting parties make decisions and create resolving solutions together.

Conflict mediation gives a voice to every party in a dispute and identifies blockages in the communication flow, so you can find the way forward towards your own solutions.

I bring a well-versed mediation toolkit, and will adapt my approach to your unique situation after conducting an intake evaluation for the conflict at hand.

Generally, I will first work 1-1 with your team and then in small groups to move through the conflict mediation process. I also specialize in building capacity in your team so you can better approach conflicts in the future.


Benefits of Mediation include:

  • Less expensive when contrasted to the expense of litigation or dragged out fighting

  • A more timely way of resolving disputes

  • Greater degree of control and predictability of outcome

  • Preservation of an ongoing relationship or termination of a relationship in a more amicable way

  • People who negotiate their own settlements often feel more empowered than those who use surrogate advocates and negotiations can provide a forum for learning about and exercising personal power or influence.

  • Mutually satisfactory outcomes and workable, implementable decisions

  • Comprehensive and customized agreements, that are better than simple compromises or win/lose outcomes

  • Parties who have reached their own agreement in mediation are also generally more likely to follow through and decisions hold up over time



Alchemical Leadership

Looking to spark a new kind of leadership in your organization?

As alchemical leaders, we experience life as a web of interdependent relationships. My work in this realm helps you create an empowering leadership model which fuses healthy hierarchy and participation.

In alchemical leadership, potential is everywhere and the present moment is fertile with possibility. We stay open-hearted in the face of adversity, rather than stepping back into fear and polarity. We lean into challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth.

I empower you and the people in your organization as reliable agents of creative change, able to handle greater complexity both as an individual and as a team member or leader. This work creates synergy between seemingly opposing views, and sparks clarity, inclusivity and contribution.

Are you ready to explore how you can cultivate these leadership skills in your organization or community?

Integral facilitation

Seeking to engage diverse perspectives in solving a complex challenge?

Integral facilitation engages diverse, often opposing views in the creative dialogue necessary to find sustainable solutions for complex issues.

I work with your team to integrate your various perspectives and come to a common ground where we can build new, unified structures for your growth.

We work with the integral map, which helps us to explore, integrate, and embody both the inner and outer dimensions of what’s happening in your organization. This process also looks at how both individual and collective elements contribute to your current results – and how we can improve each of these areas to redirect your course.

This integral framework, along with various behavior and value-based tools, allows us to facilitate (not mediate!) structural transformation.

 Culture development

Experiencing a disturbance or conflict rooted in your organizational culture?

If we think of your organization as a tree, your organizational culture is the root system of every result you’ll see through your work. When your internal foundation and root system is strong, you thrive as a vibrant organism bearing ripe fruits on strong branches.

I help you gain awareness of your current culture, get clear on the culture you wish to create, and develop the principles, processes, and practices that will get you there. This process entails more than just a new policy or anti-bias training – it’s a holistic intake of your current structures, and a conscious shift into a new way of being and relating.