What I Offer

Your organization is a complex organism with many living, breathing parts – and my holistic guidance and support is here to help everything flow into place.

Working with me is a bespoke experience, as I tailor my approach to your unique team and needs. There is no one “10 Step Formula” for success within a complex human system, so we slow down to come back to cohesion as gently and organically as possible.

Organizational development happens with the people – and this is where I place my focus and support. Not just at the top, but fully integrated as the whole that you are.

Combining head, and heart and hands, I help you navigate the practical and emotional aspects of change and challenges, while equipping you with practical relational tools and conflict transformation strategies to move forward. Together we translate these insights into concrete processes, policies, practices and structures.


When you’re deep in the mud of transition and challenge, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to see out to the other side. This is why it’s so vital to have a guide and vision-holder to bring new perspectives and awareness to the blind spots that are keeping you stuck.



Conflict Mediation

Are disagreements creating harsh waves in your community?


Mediation is a powerful tool to help conflicting parties make decisions and create resolving solutions together.

Conflict mediation gives a voice to every party in a dispute, and identifies blockages in the communication flow, so you can find the way forward towards your own a unified solutions. 

I bring a well-versed mediation toolkit, and will adapt my approach to your unique situation after conducting an intake evaluation for the conflict at hand.

Generally, I will first work 1-1 with your team and then or in small groups to move through the conflict mediation process and leave you with the tools to move forward in future mediations. I also specialize in building capacity in your team so you can better approach conflicts in the future.

Culture Development

Has your organization or community experienced a disturbance or conflict which you know has roots in your organizational culture?




Alchemical Leadership

Looking to spark a new kind of leadership in your organization?


As a alchemical leaders, we experience life as a web of interdependent relationships. My work in this realm helps you create an empowering leadership model which fuses healthy hierarchy and participation.

In alchemical leadership, potential is everywhere and the present moment is fertile with possibility. We stay open-hearted in the face of adversity, rather than stepping back into fear and polarity. We lean into challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth.

I empower you and people in your organization to be reliable agents of change and handle greater complexity both as individuals and as a team member or leader. This work creates embrace synergy between seemingly opposing views, and sparks inclusivity, clarity of roles, inclusivity and contribution.

Are you ready to explore how you can cultivate these leadership skills in your organization or community?

Integral Facilitation

Planning to engage people with diverse perspectives in finding a solution to a complex challenge you are facing?



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